Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Classic Snowflakes

There isn't much to say about making the classic snowflakes from paper, and every year we make some. This year was really fun...we hung them from the ceiling in the hallway and suddenly the kids were filled with laughter. They pretended to be in a snowstorm, catching snowflakes, built a pretend snowman, and Kyla put on her ballerina gear and "ice skated" up and down the hall. It totally made my day! I love their active imaginations!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Window Snowmen

We don't have real snow and Kyla has been dying to build a I came up with this and they kids have loved seeing them everyday on the window. I used two circles made out of construction paper, then covered them with contact paper. I gave the kids cirlces, carrot noses, snowflake buttons, and lots of white tissue paper cut into squares. The contact paper was super sticky and the kids had fun putting the faces and buttons on, then dumping on the "snow". I cut away the excess contact paper and hung them in the window. They look really neat when to sun shines on them!